Vintage Science Fiction Month: I’m In Marsport Without Hilda

The November, 1957 issue of Venture Science Fiction magazine can be read here

Isaac Asimov gets a lot of grief in certain circles. This has bemused me over the past few years. But, if people want to be wrong that’s their prerogative and I try not to hold it against them.

Asimov wrote some great short stories. I’m In Marsport Without Hilda is one of them. First published in the November, 1957 issue of Venture Science Fiction, and it has been collected several times. I read from my copy of Asimov’s Mysteries, a nice collection of short stories.

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Looking back on 2018

Early in the year I decided that I wanted to stop talking about being a writer someday and do something about it. I had just turned 33, my second child had just been born, and it hit me that I wasn’t getting any younger.

I set two goals for myself. First, write a short story and actually finish it. Two, submit it somewhere and be a published writer before the end of the year.

So, how did I do? Well I completed five short stories and am working on more. I thought I would have a hard time coming up with more story ideas, but my head is full of them. First goal, complete.

What about the second? I have stories coming out next year in Cirsova and in an anthology by DMR Books. I’m submitting more, and waiting to hear back from other publishers. I’ll call Goal #2 successfully completed.

2019 is a couple days away, and I need to set some realistic goals for the year. Lord willing, things will continue to grow from this point. But that will take me putting in the work.

The Best Short Stories I Read in 2018

A follow up to my last post, about the best books I read this year. I read a lot of short stories this year, for me at least. I read 137 short stories in 25 different collections, anthologies, and magazines. This year I focused a lot of time on reading modern SF/F, for the first time in a long while. I did this to get a feeling for what people who are writing today are doing. Also, I wanted to seek out potential venues for my own stories.

So, what were my favorite stories I read this year?
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The Best Books I Read in 2018

Inspired by H.P.’s post on Everyday Should be Tuesday, I thought I’d also do a list of the best books I’ve read this year. I was able to read more this year than the past several years. A lot of that is counting the books I’ve read to my kids. Even when I was too busy to read a for myself, I always read them a chapter of something before bedtime. All told I read 48 books this year, over twice the 21 books from last year. But, what books were the best?
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Updates for 2019

Over at Cirsova, the 2019 lineup has been posted. My story, The Idol in the Sewers, will appear in the Spring 2019 issue. It’s awesome to see it listed alongside the works of so many other amazing authors.

The list of stories looks extremely impressive. It charges out strong with Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She, by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Michael Tierney. I can’t wait to hear the story behind this one.

I’ve sold another story to a currently untitled anthology. I’ll post more about it when there’s more info. That makes two sales out of three submissions, not bad.


I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music. Many songs and albums have proven inspiring in some way. When I write I like to throw on something to set the mood and start typing away. But I’ve found I can’t listen to anything with lyrics, the words become instantly distracting. There are several different genres I play depending on my mood, or the atmosphere of what I’m trying to write, but most often lately I’ve been playing Psychedelic Rock like this:

This album is one of my favorites. It fits the mood of what I’m writing and the length is almost perfect for the amount of time I have to write each day.

A Dreamer’s Tales, Final

Here we reach the final four stories in A Dreamer’s Tales. So far the collection has had some fantastic highs and a couple of lows. How does the final group fare?

In Zaccarath

In Zaccarath, the most opulent kingdom on earth, the king asks his prophets to prophesy. They foretell the doom of Zaccarath so that none shall even see its walls.

A simple story that again is merely a scene. An effective fairy tail. Enjoyable, but not up to the level of the better stories in this collection.
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